December 9, 2013

Twitter IPO Winners - Venture Capitalists

By: Nin Desai, CEO | Huy Nguyen, Analyst | Roderick Dayton, Analyst

Dec. 2, 2013 - Twitter (or TWTR) priced at $26 at IPO, opened at $45.10 and closed at $44.90 on November 7, 2013. By the time investment bankers and institutional investors finished their breakfasts, they already had a 73% return on their investment. For individual investors not fortunate enough to own TWTR at $26, what types of returns could they earn on that first day? Presuming the unlikely case that they purchased at the open price of $45.10 and sold at the day’s high price of $50.09 on November 7, 2013; a trader would have realized price appreciation gains of approximately 11% (minus fees). While, 73% institutional and 11% individual returns are respectable, they are a fraction of the returns the executives and venture capitalists earned. Take the case of venture capital investment: In 2007, Union Square Ventures invested in the Series B round for Twitter when the company was valued at $25 million[1]. Twitter now has a market cap of $22.4 billion[2]. Their high-risk investment in TWTR was rewarded by higher returns – approximately 102% on an annualized IRR basis.

NIN.VC is your gateway to this new asset class: venture capital. We are a first of its kind technology venture capital fund to be raised via World Wide Web. NIN.VC will invest in these kinds of Series A & B rounds for early / growth stage companies in financial services, education software, internet and digital media, mobile communication, cloud computing, 3D printing, and other path breaking companies. We will create value by providing adequate financing, domain experience, and access to our networks of potential partners, vendors, and customers.

[1] The Sydney Morning Herald, November 6, 2013. [2] As of end of day, November 27, 2013. [3] These firms continue to hold 45.9% of shares post-IPO; 424B4. [4] Cost basis data provided by PEDC. [5] Calculated time value IRR via cost basis and $45.10 IPO price. [6] As reported to SEC via 424B4. [7] $199.8 mil was raised in 2010. $469.5 mil was raised in 2011.

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